Dr Dimple Doshi

Dr Dimple Doshi

Vaginal cysts

Vaginal cysts are fluid filled sacs present inside the vagina. Most of the time they are filled with clear or sticky fluid; and pus at times if they develop infection. 

Types of Vaginal Cysts

  1. Vaginal inclusion cysts: They are the most commom cysts present in vagina. They develop mostly due to vaginal trauma due to child birth or after surgery.
  2. Gartner duct cyst: The Gartner’s duct is a remnant organ in the female pelvis from a women’s fetal development. Fluid can collect inside and later develop into a cyst on the walls of the vagina.
  3. Bartholin’s cyst:The Bartholin’s gland is located near the opening of the vagina at the junction of labia majora and minora. The main function of this gland is to secrete the lubricating fluid. If the opening of the gland gets blocked due to infection; it develops a cyst. If the cyst becomes infected, it can become an abscess.

Symptoms of Vaginal Cyst

Many times small vaginal cysts do not cause any symptoms; and if big; they can cause:

  1. Feeling of a lump inside the vagina
  2. sexual discomfort
  3. Difficulty in inserting a tampon
  4. Pain

Diagnosis of Vainal Cysts

It is very easy for your gynaecologist to diagnose a vaginal cyst just by the per vaginal examination; in which the cyst distinctly appears as a bulge.

Treatment of Vaginal Cysts

Vaginal cysts should be carefully observed for growth or changes in appearance during routine exams. If the cyst grows larger or causes pain, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the cyst. If the cyst causes an infection or abscess, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics as well as the drainage of pus.

The outlook is generally very good. Cysts are usually benign and often remain small. Cysts that are surgically removed usually won’t occur again

Dr. Dimple Doshi at Vardaan Hospital; believes prevention is better than cure, and thus apart from the precise treatment guidelines; preventive measures are an essential part of our consultations with the patients who have either had it or want to know more about it.