Dr Dimple Doshi

Dr Dimple Doshi

Treatment and Diagnosis for Unconsummated Marriage in Mumbai, India

Unconsummated marriage; also known as 

“Sexless marriage “ is prevalent in 15 to 20 % of couples worldwide. And whenever present; it’s an emotionally distressing and disturbing problem for the couple.

Sexual intercourse is mutually expected in both the souses after marriage. Failure of marriage consummation means that the couple never had sexual relations.

Dr. Dimple Doshi at Vardaan Hospital; believes prevention is better than cure, and thus apart from the precise treatment guidelines; preventive measures are an essential part of our consultations with the patients who have either had it or want to know more about it.

Medical causes:

  1. Vaginismus
  2. Imperforate hymen with abnormalities of the uterus like a small ; nonfunctioning uterus
  3. Vaginal septum ; or an obstructive band of soft tissue at the vaginal entry preventing the sexual activity
  4. MRKH syndrome where the vaginalis absent and the uterus is also non functioning.
  5. Erectile dysfunction
  6. Premature ejaculation

Emotional causes

  1. Insufficient sexual information
  2. Anxiety for sexual performance
  3. Lack of privacy
  4. History of sexual abuse.
  5. Unreal fears
  6. Cultural and social factors
  7. Strict religious rules
  8. Sexual limitations applied by the family
  9. Specific costumes on the day of first sexual intercourse.
  10. Hasty intercourse at the wedding night without knowing a woman‘s anatomy or performance of a woman’s reproductive system; and unawareness of different methods of sexual activity can also cause failure of consummation.

If the reason of unconsummated marriage is pathological like the structural abnormalities in a woman or if it s due to the man having functional problem; it can be addressed by treating specifically the cause; like:

  1. Treating vaginismus
  2. Surgery to incise a never-open hymen; which is preventing the penetration. However this condition is usually associated with pain; it is most often done before marriage. But it may be required at a later age if it is also associated with a small and non function uterus which does not bleed or bleed very less.
  3. Surgery to remove vaginal septum
  4. Neovaginoplasty or creation of a new vagina in patients with MRKH syndrome.
  5. Dealing with erectile dysfunction; premature ejaculation by an andrologist.

Combined multidisciplinary approach by a psychologist ; sexologist and a counsellor can help a couple go a long way in satisfying marital relationships.