Dr Dimple Doshi

Dr Dimple Doshi

Vardaan Hospital

Dr. Dimple Doshi

  • Dr. Dimple Doshi MD DGO rank- holder throughout  a graduate from the reputed institute of Ahmedabad; B J Medical College; is a senior gynecologist practicing in Goregaon west , Mumbai since 2007.

  • Well experienced gynecologist 23+ years in practice.
  • Founder, director of NABH accredited and highly equipped Vardaan hospital, Goregaon West Mumbai; an exclusive centre for women for gynecology and cosmetic surgery.
lady gynecologist in goregaon west

Maternity Obstetrics

Maternity deals with the state of a woman being a mother and taking care of her baby.Obsterics is a branch of medical science that involves taking special care of women who are pregnant and also dealing with childbirth plus dealing with the problems associated with the female

Laparoscopic Ovarian Cyst Surgery

A Cyst is a sack of fluids which develops in Ovaries. Some cysts may not cause any problems but some of them can turn cancerous. A Small keyhole sized incision and a laparoscope is all takes to remove it.




Laparoscopy hysterectomy refers to the minimally invasive procedure of removing the uterus. A tiny incision is made near the belly button and a tiny camera attached to a laparoscope is inserted along with some specialized instruments, your gynecologists watches from the camera and performs the procedure. It is scarless and almost painless.

Myomectomy means to spare the uterus. In this type of surgery certain problems such as uterine fibroids are removed but the uterus is kept as it is reasons being if the woman wants to have children.

A minimally invasive surgery to remove Uterus or Uterus & Cervix (and Fallopian Tubes) depending on your medical condition. You can be assured of quick recovery and minimal blood loss.

The meaning of ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not inside the uterus and the baby develops outside the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy is a serious and life-threatening complication of pregnancy.

Vardaan Hospital

About Us

Welcome to Vardaan Hospital

2007 was the inception year of Vardaan Hospital in Goregaon, Mumbai which was started with the sole purpose of treating women from all walks of life with the latest technology. Creating and maintaining it as an exclusive women-centric hospital was the aim of Dr.Mrs. Dimple Doshi who is a gynecologist and a very supportive husband Dr. Milan Doshi who is a well-known aesthetic surgeon. The hospital is situated at the heart of Goregaon west; with easy accessibility from anywhere in Mumbai;as it is situated at hardly 3 minutes distance from Goregaon west railway station.

About Us

We have experienced doctors

Our gynecologist Dr Dimple is a well experienced at 23+ years of experience in practice.

She has handled thousand of cases and also has handled emergency cases.

She is very caring towards her patients and always gives full attention to women’s problems. You can be sure you are in safe hands.

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Our Future

Our Latest Features

Vardaan Nursing is always know for the best treatment and using the latest and best technology to give the best result to our patient.

Faster Process

We always respect the time of our patient and always try for minimum waiting time for every patient.


We provide 24X7 Support to our patient and easy connectivity through call and WhatsApp

No branches

We don’t have any branches.

Best Treatment

We are committed towards giving our patients the best treatment possible with the latest technology which is also safe along with highest level of privacy and comfort.

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About Us

Why us?

Our Vardaan Hospital is present in Goregaon (West) just nearby station. We are

  • NABH Certified
  • Armed with latest technologies such as Drager FABIUS Anesthesia trolley, advanced laparoscopic trolley etc.
  • Having defibrillator machine for dire emergency situation.
  • Having phototherapy machine for new born babies.

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Meet the best lady gynecoligist in Mumbai 

Dr. Dimple Doshi, a proud member of

What our patients say

chetna dsouza
chetna dsouza
Thank you so much Dr. Dimple and Dr. Milind Joshi, for your guidance, treatment and help. Very supportive staff. Would highly recommend your service and hospitality to anyone having concerns, grateful for your care:).
Sangeeta Gaud
Sangeeta Gaud
As my first delivery was done by Dr dimple doshi in Vardan Hospital in 2022 year. Now I got delivered my 2nd baby in June in Vardan Hospital only. I am feeling lucky to have a dimple mam like doctor by whom I delivered. She is very sincere doctor, performing successful surgeries, c section as well gynec advance surgery I saw during my hospitalised duration. I have found In Vardan Hospital actually patients are getting proper treatment and care including baby care also. I have observed all the admitted patients are very happy, their recovery was going very well which shows expertise of Dr dimple dishi. She is best best gynac doctor ever. Thank u mam. All staffs of Vardan Hospital are also provide good service, this is showing mam’s hospital management. I love Vardan Hospital and Dr dimple doshi 😊
Chirag Purabia
Chirag Purabia
I got my laparascopic hysterectomy done due to big fibroid in my uterus by Dr. Dimple doshi gynecologist. I had consulted her for my complaints of heavy menses and abdomen pain. I was very much troubled by my problem but after meeting Madam I got confidence and my treatment was done successfully. I m very thankful to Madam and all all the staff for their support and care during my Hospital stay. Highly recommended for female problems.
shweta vakharia
shweta vakharia
Amazing gynaecologist, very friendly, makes the patient very comfortable and very good and right advice. Have answers to all our questions, queries. Very very helpful gynaecologist doctor is DR Dimple. The best for a women!!!
meena shinde
meena shinde
Our experience in this hospital is very good we know them from last 10 year and the facility is also very nice and caring.
Sandeep Gupta
Sandeep Gupta
One of the best Gynec doctor I had seen in my life. All the staffs are very supportive. With regards Neelu Gupta
Good thinking for your sir varadan hospital bhadohi