Dr Dimple Doshi

Dr Dimple Doshi

Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery

Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery  procedure has the advantage of preserving a woman’s uterus and her ability to produce children, the meaning of myomectomy is the surgical removal of the uterine fibroid(s). With the advent of laparoscopy, the surgical removal of the uterine fibroid(s) has become a norm with great patient compliance in terms of cosmesis, speedy recovery, early discharge, and very less pain.

Laparoscopic myomectomy Goregaon Mumbai is done to remove the fibroids in the uterus through tiny incisions. The surgeon inserts a laparoscope with a camera mounted on top through a tiny incision; views the image on the TV screen and performs surgery. It is a pain-free; minimally invasive surgery with faster recovery and early discharge

“CPT  Code – 58545″

Laparoscopic myomectomy Surgeryfibriod-suregery

Dr. Dimple Doshi at Vardaan Hospital; believes prevention is better than cure, and thus apart from the precise treatment guidelines; preventive measures are an essential part of our consultations with the patients who have either had it or want to know more about it.

Myomectomy can be done either by

1.         Laparoscopy

2.         Hysteroscopy

3.         Laparotomy

Presence of small uterine fibroid does not require any removal. The indications for surgical removal of uterine fibroid removal are:

  • Heavy periods
  • Pain
  • Pressure symptoms like frequency of urine; constipation; pain
  • Inability to get pregnant
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Rapid growth of uterine fibroid
  • Very large uterine fibroids

Dr Dimple Doshi at NABH accredited vardaan hospital I an expert in treating uterine fibroids. She encourages removal of uterine fibroid and not the uterus when indicated. Vardaan Hospital is equipped with all the latest and modern infrastructure for all types of minimally invasive surgeries.

CPT CODE for Laparoscopic Myomectomy: 58545

You will be asked to undergo all the blood tests, x ray, ECG, sonography, Ct scan or MRI if needed. And obtain the fitness from the physician.

You may be admitted on a night prior to surgery and will be given bowel cleansing medications.

Laparoscopic myomectomy is done under general anesthesia

Anesthesia: General

Incisions: 3 to 4 tiny incisions depending upon the size and loation of uterine fibroid

Procedure: Your abdomen will be filled with carbon dioxide gas; and your uterine  fibroid will be enucleated out of your  uterus; put in a bag called endobag and removed piecemeal through one of the tiny incisions.

Diet: You can have liquids followed by light diet 4 to 6 hrs after myomectomy by laparoscopy.

Mobilisation: You can start walking 4 to 6 hrs after the surgery.

Dressing: Waterproof dressing placed on the tiny incisions allows you to take bath everyday.  

Recovery: You may be allowed to go back to home the same day or may stay back for night. You will be advised to take round the clock pain killers and antibiotics for 5 days. You will be advised to avoid heavy, strenuous activity for 2 weeks after the surgery; though you will be able to carry out all your routine and light activities. Complete recovery will take a week.

1.It’s done only through tiny holes

2. Faster mobilization

3.Speedy recovery

4.Less pain

5.Early disharge from the hospital.

  • Anesthesia complications
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Injury to surrounding structures
  • Weakening of uterine scar  
  • Indication: Very large or oddly placed uterine fibroid
  • Anesthesia: General or spinal
  • Incision: 6 to 10 cm long horizontal lower or vertical incision.
  • Procedure: Your abdomen will be opened up layer by layer. The uterus will be delivered out. The uterine fibroid will be enucleated out and removed intact.
  • Diet: you will start having liquids followed by a light diet a day after the surgery.
  • Mobilization: You will be allowed to walk from the next day
  • Recovery: You will be discharged after 2 or 3 days. You will be advised to take round-the-clock pain killers and antibiotics for 5 to 10 days. Total recovery takes 6 to 8 weeks time.
  • Indication: Meant for a special variety of uterine fibroid called submucous uterine fibroid.
  • Anesthesia: General or spinal
  • Incision: No incision; it is done by hysteroscopy.

A tiny slender hysteroscope is inserted through the vagina and with the help of a resectoscope, the uterine fibroid is scooped out piecemeal and removed vaginally.

Diet: You will be asked to have lquids followed by light diet 2 to 3 hours after myomectomy by hysteroscopy.

Mobilisation: You will be allowed to walk  2 to 3 hours after myomectomy by hysteroscopy.

Recovery: A few days

Dressing: No dressing is required as myomectomy by hysteroscopy is done from below .

  • Anesthesia-related complications
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Perforation
  • Fluid overload

Q: What Is Myomectomy Surgery?
A: Myoma means a fibroid and myomectomy means fibroid removal.

Q: Which Is Better; Myomectomy Or Hysterectomy?
A: Hysterectomy is meant for those who are suffering from fibroids with heavy bleeding and/or pain and no longer want children. While myomectomy is meant for those who do not wish to remove their uterus or are yet to have children.


Q: What Does Myomectomy Mean?
A: Myomectomy means removal of fibroid only.


Q: What To Expect With Myomectomy?

A: After myomectomy; you will be relieved of your bleeding and pain problems. You will continue to have menstruation and will be able to get pregnant.


Q: How Is Myomectomy Done?

A: Myomectomy is done by laparoscopy; laparotomy; hysteroscopy or robotically. In either methods; an incision is made on the uterus and the fibroid is scooped out. In laparoscopy; this is done using special instruments and the fibroid is removed in long strips through small holes.


Q: Is Myomectomy Surgery Safe?

A: Though called a major surgery; myomectomy is safe if done by an expert.


Q: How Many Hours Does A Laparoscopic Myomcectomy Surgery Last?

A: Laparoscopic myomectomy surgery lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours but the time required may be more if the fibroids are more; big or oddly placed.

Q: How Many Hours Does A Robotic Myomectomy Surgery Last?

A: Robotic myomectomy can last for 1.5 hours and longer if the fibroid is big and oddly placed.


Q: Will I Get Pregnant After Myomectomy?

A: Yes; if the fibroid is obstructing the pregnancy; you WILL definitely conceive after myomectomy.


Q: I Have Undergone Myomectomy; Will I Deliver Normally?

A: Yes; you can deliver normally, but in most cases, the delivery will be by C section to prevent the myomectomy scar from opening up.

Q: How Much Does Myomectomy Surgery Cost?

A: Myomectomy surgery cost ranges from 45000 to 1.5 lac depending upon the complexity of the case; the number and size of fibroids and the amenities selected.


Q: Will My Fibroids Return After Myomectomy?
A: The factors which increase the recurrence rate of fibroids are: any big fibroid; the presence of multiple fibroids or reproductive age.

Dr. Mrs. Dimple Doshi is a lady gynecologist; practicing at Vardaan Hospital situated in Goregaon West; Mumbai. We have a range of packages for  Laparoscopic myomectomy depending on the type of room you select.

Economy ward/ general room : 50,000
Semi special room: 68000 to 75000
Deluxe Room: 1.2 lacs
Super deluxe room: 1.5 lacs
Suit rooms: 2 lacs