Dr Dimple Doshi

Dr Dimple Doshi

why cigarettes are a woman worst enemy

Cigarettes, a woman’s worst enemy: Uncover the harsh realities of smoking on women’s health. From fertility to cancer risks, quitting is the key to empowerment and well-being.

It is Stylish; Sexy and Cool To Smoke.

It makes you feel stronger, independent and comparable to men.

It makes you alert and improves your senses (temporarily).

It makes you THIN!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Smoking also offers some very limited protection against uterine fibroids; endometriosis; Parkinsons disease; Ulcerative colitis and few other rare conditions.



  Why smoking is considered a woman s worst enemy??

  1. Smoking is a bad habit and is considered addictive.
  2. It increases your chances of suffering from depression.
  3. It worsens the menstrual cramps.
  4. It increases the severity of PMS ( premenstrual syndrome).
  5.  It makes you look older than your age!! Wrinkles on face!!. OOPS!! not done
  6. It leads to hair loss; and baldness.
  7. It weakens your immunity; making you prone to contract any infection easily.
  8. Smoking makes it difficult for you to conceive as tobacco and other chemicals found in cigarettes disturb your internal hormonal balance.
  9. Smoking increases your chances of having ectopic pregnancy; means a dangerous pregnancy developing outside the uterus; life threatening if it bursts.
  10. It increases the risk of preterm births and growth problems in the developing baby.
  11. It increases the risk of still birth and SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome)
  12. Breastfeeding mothers who are smoking are likely to have less milk output and the babies are crankier, and more likely to have asthma and allergies
  13. It makes your bones brittle and fragile.; making you more prone to fractures.
  14. It can worsen joint pains.
  15. It increases the risk of premature menopause and its consequent problems like mood swings, fatigue, and vaginal dryness, and other terrible symptoms.
  16. It increases the chances of developing stroke and hypertension.
  17. Women who smoke are more prone to develop cataracts; a disease related to fogging of your eye lense.
  18. It increases the chance of lung cancer and other lung related diseases causing COPD.( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)