The word hystero means uterus and ectomy mean removal. The meaning of the word hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus.
For every woman uterus is a symbol of womanhood and the monthly period is a sign of youthfulness.
But at the same time uterus is the cause of many problems for many patients; problems severe enough to make life hell. When all medicines fail and all conservative approaches fail, hysterectomy is the last resort to get relief from the troubles. However, it is an emotionally traumatic decision.
Heavy menstrual bleeding, severe pain during the periods, prolapse, and cancer are some of the commonest reasons for which hysterectomy is done.
In routine hysterectomy ovary and vagina are preserved so the feminity, sexuality, strength, and vitality are maintained.
Dr. Dimple Doshi is an expert gynecologist for conservative management of female concerns like heavy bleeding and offers hysterectomy surgery as the last option. She is an expert in various types of hysterectomy surgery as well as post-hysterectomy treatment to maintain physical and mental health and vitality.


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