The meaning of the word menopause in women is the permanent stopping of menstruation.
The female hormone namely estrogen produced by the ovaries is responsible for the cyclical menstrual bleeding in women. Menopause starts because of a decline of ovarian function due to age, surgery, or any ovarian disease and so the estrogen produced by the ovaries is no longer available in a woman s body leading to all menopausal symptoms.

The word menopause in women implies a lot of relief for some while it is one of the most dreaded things one can have in her life. Because for some, cyclical menstrual bleeding signifies youthfulness and feminity. Apart from that menopause may be accompanied by not only hormonal and body changes but also stressors like caring for or death of elderly parents; empty nest syndrome when children leave home or the birth of grandchildren which displaces you to the category of senior people.



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