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With Advanced and safe Cystocele repair Surgery placed the Bladder back to the normal position.

Cystocele repair; also known as anterior colporrhaphy in medical terms; may be done with or without mesh placement. It is called anterior or front as the urinary bladder is in front of the vagina.


Before the Procedure

  1. You will be asked not to drink or eat at least 6 hours before the surgery.
  2. Your detailed history including that of anymedicines you are taking; allergies; surgeries or any illnesses.

Cystocele Repair

Anesthesia: Usually regional; local or general may be used.

Procedure: The vagina is opened by putting an incision. The vaginal skin is separeated from the underlying fascia.he defect is sutured . Excess vaginal skin is removed and incision is closed with absorbable stiches.

Post Operative Care

You will be asked to avoid lifting heavy weights; long periods of standing; sexual intercourse and eessive straining with bowel movements.

Complications of Cystocele Repair

  1. Anesthesia related complications
  2. Damage to surrounding structures like urethra; bladder
  3. Bladder spasms and irritable bladder
  4. Urine leakage into the vagina or fistula
  5. Infection
  6. Bleeding





289 Reviews

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