Urinary Leakage or Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem faced by many women; though the reported incidence is less than the actual incidence; as the majority of them shy away from discussing it. They accept it as a part of the aging process and feel it is a sign of womanhood because they have heard it from many of the elderly ladies in their families.
But no, you do not have to pay a price for being a woman. Though many times, it is not completely treatable; talking to your doctor may lead to improvement in the quality of your life.
Incontinence is just a problem in bladder control; not the end of your joys.; not the end of long traveling; not being embarrassed all the time; not being a subject of youngster’s gossip and dislikes; not being forced to stay in isolation and feeling stenchy.
Talk it out. Describe it to your doctor who will always be there by your side to help you live through such seemingly big but very minor, innocuous, and common problems. Many times; simple changes in the lifestyle or diet and few medications can treat the symptoms of urinary incontinence.



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