Treatment for Vaginal Discharge or leukorrhea

Normal vaginal discharge or leukorrhea may have a thin and watery or thick and sticky consistency, and it may be clear or white in color.  Normal vaginal discharge may be large in volume but typically does not have a strong odor, nor is it typically associated with itching or pain.

Abnormal vaginal discharge also known as leucorrhea is one of the common problems faced by women in their reproductive age. The word leucorrhea means in Greek; Leuko means white and Or hea means to flow or flux. It is said that approximately 75% of women have experienced vaginal discharge or leucorrhea at one point in their life. Women suffer from various types of discharges; out of these, bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis or yeast infection are the commonest ones followed by other sexually transmitted diseases which cause vaginal discharge or leucorrhea.



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