Menorrhagia treatment

Menorrhagia is a word that means very heavy menstrual bleeding. Medically also known as abnormal uterine bleeding.

Menorrhagia or abnormal uterine bleeding affects 30%of women of reproductive age. IT IS A  PHYSICALLY AS WELL AS MENTALLY CRIPPLING PROBLEM  AS FAR AS A WOMAN’S  QUALITY OF LIFE IS CONCERNED.

Heavy bleeding is a leading cause of distress amongst women as heavy blood flow leads to weakness, giddiness, lack of concentration, and fatiguability or tiredness. It is also one of the common causes of absenteeism amongst working women. As the woman is the center of the family, if the woman is sick, the whole family is affected.

Menorrhagia is treatable if the conditions causing menorrhagia are addressed in a precise and perfect manner. There are a variety of conservative or uterus sparing and modern surgical treatment options available to treat menorrhagia or abnormal uterine bleeding.



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