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How To Make Your Daughter Ready For Periods

How to prepare your daughter for periods


As your daughter enters puberty she will have her first ever periods. This phase can be mentally and physically challenging for her. It is better that you as a parent start discussing about this phenomenon as early as possible. The questions that you clarify by answers can be started from simple ones like seeing blood is normal and it happens every month and is a part of menstrual cycle. By having honest conversation with your daughter you can also strengthen your parent offspring bond further. So here we will go through some tips as to how you can make your daughter ready for her periods.

1. Talk regarding the changes and signs what she may experience

It is important that you encourage your daughter to go through some of the commonly available resources on the internet to know about periods. Begin with explaining the most routinely encountered issues before the periods start such as cramps, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, feeling of wetness in underpants etc.

2. Explain that the pain is not that bad

Bleeding is common during menstrual cycle. But the pain is most likely not due to it but the cramps that occur before or during it. It can be explained in a similiar way that in an effort to remove blood some lower pain can happen .Tell your daughter that there are also some very simple ways to ease the pain .The available options include keeping a hot water bottle, doing exercise or pain relieving medicine such as ibuprofen.

3. Discuss about essential things required for periods

You can start to discuss about sanitary pads, tampons and period panties. Also help her to choose what is needed by going to shopping with her and teaching her what to buy and also how to use them when needed even when she is away from home such as in school or in a extra-curricular activity. In school she can also take help of a school nurse if necessary, always keep a pair of underwear for backup and a zip bag for keeping dirty underwear.

4. Explain that she is not alone facing this issue

Tell your child that other people experience people too no matter what their background is like be it a singer,olympic athlete, pop star,friends,teachers and others. Making them aware of other people’s struggle helps develop empathy so that your child can understand her feelings in a better way.

5. Teach how to use the supplies

How to use sanitary pads is also important as you need to teach her how to place it properly in the underwear and how to change it when it becomes full. Tampons can be a bit uncomfortable as it involves inserting something inside the vagina.To reduce the associated erratic feeling our daughter experience as a mother you can be with your daughter while you teach how it is to be done or if your daughter is not comfortable then you can stand outside the bathroom.

6. Always keep communication channel open

No matter how awkward the situation feels or even if you belong to a family where menstruation is not discussed. It is very much necessary that you remain neutral towards the questions posed by your daughter and not act judgmental but show caring and informative with facts. It might be even more difficult in case of single parents such as dads, in such a situation they can seek help of female relatives or a family friend or their family gynecologist.

7. Teach her how to track her periods

You daughter might get anxious and worry about her period start in a random event of time such as a sports day or school. In order to help her keep track you can suggest keeping a diary or a mobile app to keep track when the periods began. Normally a period lasts for 28 days but the period for the first time can change and can be even 21 or 35 days which is ok.


Beginning of menstruation is a part of the normal development cycle in girls. Explaining them can be a bit difficult but can be done easily with patience; understanding and love along with explaining what are the most basic things she might need along with management of how to keep a vigil on the time span of the periods. If you want to know more about how you can explain about periods to your daughter then you can contact our gynecologist at Vardan Hospital, Goregaon.

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