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Best treatment for Burning in urine in Goregaon, Mumbai

Burning in urine is one of the worst symptoms faced by women all over the world. And it is said to have touched almost all the women at one point of time in their life.  This means every woman has experienced the agony of urinary burning.   

Burning in urine is a very distressing; depressing; agonizing and painful symptom.  But still good part is that in most of the cases it can be completely cured by simple treatments.


What is Burning in Urine

Burning in urine; painful urination or dysuria is defined as pain; discomfort; irritation or burning while passing urine. It may be associated with itching; vaginal discharge; abdominal pain, fever, bloody urine; frequent urination; skin eruptions or other symptoms like fever with chills

Causes of Burning in Urine

  1. Infections: UTI or urinary tract infections are the leading causes of urinary burning. Infections can occur anywhere in the urinary tract; including kidneys; bladder or urethra. UTI is most commonly caused by the bacteria that often get into the urinary tract through urethra.
    The factors that can predispose you to UTI are; diabetes; advanced age; kidney stones; pregnancy etc.
    Other infections which can cause burning in urine are yeast infection or sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea; herpes or chlamydia.
  2. Irritation and inflammation of urinary tract: These include: stones in urinary tract
    Irritation of urethra from sexual activities
    Cystitis or bladder inflammation
    Vaginal changes related to menopause
    Activities like horseback riding or bicycling.
    Vaginal sensitivities or irritation due to scented soaps ; bubble bath; toilet paper; douches or spermicidal jellies
    Side effects of some medications
    Tumors of urinary tract

What to Expect During Your Visit To The Doctor

  1. Your doctor will take proper history and do your physical examination.
    History will include points like how the burning started; how many times it happens; whether it is felt at the start, during or the end of the urination. History will also include if burning in urine is associated with fever; abnormal vaginal discharge or pain in flanks or abdomen. Important points would be its color; presence of blood or pus or cloudiness in urine. Answers to all these will give clue to your doctor as to how and why the burning in urine started. This helps the doctor prescribe the perfect treatment.
  2. You will be advised to do urine and blood tests to diagnose the cause of urinary symptoms. 

Diagnosis of Burning in Urine

Diagnosis of the causes of burning in urine includes the following:

  1. Examination by your doctor
  2. Laboratory tests
  3. Ultrasonograpahy
  4. CT scan or MRI if the if tumor is suspected

Treatment of Burning in Urine

Determining the cause of burning in urine is the first aim of your treatment.

Your doctor may prescribe the medications to control painful urination; like antibiotics which can treat UTIs; STIs. And there are medications to calm your irritated bladder.

Painful urination due to a bacterial infection usually improves fairly fast once you start taking the medications. And always follow your doctors advice correctly. Some infections require treatment for even upto 3 months.

If burning in urine is due to menopause; your doctor will prescribe you oestrogen cream or will ask you to take HRT or hormone replacement therapy.

Your doctor will ask you to abstain from using scented soaps and fragrances if that  is the cause of irritation and burning. In short; burning in urine most of the time treatable with right medicines; but if it the infection is not controlled it can have serious complications like sepsis.


282 Reviews


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